Hayward and his main girl, Jennifer, his mother.

Hayward and his main girl, Jennifer, his mother.

George John Jordan Thomas Aquinas Hayward, Optimist honed his motivational comedic approach by lectoring at St. Pius X Catholic Church beginning at age 6 and by getting made fun of mercilessly for being overweight throughout his teenage years. Since then, he’s lost the weight but held on to the lessons. 

Hayward does not perform standup; he addresses the People. He says what needs to be said, and if you choose to laugh at it, that’s your business. He's taken the stage at The Broadway Comedy Club in NY, Flappers Comedy Club in LA, The Comedy Couch and with #HellaFunny in SF, Titan's in Tokyo, and CEMEX Auditorium at Stanford University.

A self-proclaimed curator of good vibes and fried chicken, Hayward uses comedy to help people calm down, believe more in themselves, and question assumptions that hold them back. He calls this delivering The Good News. 

Finally, Hayward wrote this bio in the third person because he believes it looks more professional that way.